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Advanced Components + New Technology = cDDP

The newest release in Lau’s long history of the best performing air moving products is the Compact Direct Drive Plenum Fan (cDDP). 

Contact your Lau Sales Representative for more information on this industry changing product.

Watch our cDDP video here.

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Web-Based Element is Here!

Lau’s fan selection tool is now web-based.  The new method for fan selection alleviates the requirement to download a .zip file.  Now, you can do all of your calculations within our website.  Register for an account here.  If you already had an account, use your current credentials to login.  Please reach out to us with any questions.

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Product Showcase

Have you seen Lau’s Double Width Double Inlet Air Foil blowers?  Our newest product was built to provide high performance while also remaining quiet and consistent.  Learn more about these compact and high-efficient blowers here.

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