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Industrial Codes

Reducing Energy Consumption and Conserving Energy

Lau supports efforts to reduce energy consumption and conserve energy resources by:

  • Supporting international energy conservation goals and objectives
  • Providing customers with state-of-the-art selection tools
  • Offering technical training and application engineering
  • Developing cost-competitive high-efficiency fans
  • Participating in GREEN office and GREEN manufacturing initiatives

In reaction to efforts from industry-related organizations and state and federal government bodies to reduce energy consumption, particularly in commercial buildings, our industry is going through some important changes. DOE will release their ruling on fan energy efficiency by 2015 and will become effective in 2020. ASHRAE 90.1-2013 will include mandatory fan efficiency limits. And, IgCC has adopted a Fan Efficiency Grade (FEG) of 71 as their lower limit on fan efficiency.

FEG is an energy efficiency classification for fans established by AMCA (AMCA 205). For more information regarding FEG, click here. Refer to the graph below for more information on determining your FEG.