Lau, the industry expert in air-moving technology, announces the release of its new mobile application, “Lau Fan Law Calculator”.  The app is available to download now in both iOS and Android versions.

The easy-to-use app was the result of a need for accurate and fast fan law calculations.

While the application offers manual input options for Speed, Air Flow, Pressure and Power, the Fan Law Calculator app was designed to replicate the look and feel of the original turn-style Lau Fan Law Calculator that engineers, designers and technicians have been using for over 50 years.

Within the application, is the ability to copy the results of the calculation to the clipboard or email the results to be referenced at a later time.

The application can be downloaded for your mobile device or tablet at no cost in the Apple App Store and Google Play store at the following links.



For questions, please contact Anna Schlotterbeck, Marketing Manager, at 937-476-6548 or